Let us tell your story.

For 25 years, Bastion has been providing strategic counsel and tactical support to every level of the interactive entertainment, events and technology industries.

We are fierce advocates for our clients, creative and entrepreneurial in our approach, yet always mindful of our clients ambitions and parameters.

We strive to add value to the process, using our experience as marketeers and journalists to create campaigns that have impact and achieve cut through.

We believe in taking the mystery out of any communications strategy. Success is achieved through hard work and genuinely understanding what the real story is and how to use it.

Media RelationsDreamToys clippings
The media landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed. The shift from online, free distribution and the emergence of pay walls have all had an impact on how media is created and consumed. We believe the mission is simple. But still, at the heart of the process, is the need for compelling stories.

We work with our clients to build a sustainable story arc that keeps your message moving forward; creating engaging and entertaining pulses of activity that raise awareness and build momentum.


Social Mediabetter-Twitter-provider
Social media has become one of the strongest weapons in a brand’s communication arsenal. The ability to communicate directly with a consumer, eliminating the middle man, is invaluable, but can be ineffective if executed poorly.

We work with clients to create engaging content and build campaign strategies that understands its audience and produces maximum impact.


Turnstile ProductionsToy Fair TV video
Over 100 hours of video is added to YouTube every minute. Video content is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Turnstile Productions is our video division focused on creating compelling engaging content in all its forms.

With in-house facilities we can move fast whilst being cost effective, creating short information packed bulletins through to more creative experiences. Check out our show reel here.


Event ManagementDSCF5078
Live events create the perfect backdrop for any campaign, providing content for social media to a wider audience, as well as the event attendees.

We create and execute trade, media and consumer events throughout the year, all with the specific aim of delivering clear ROI. Creativity, forensic attention to detail and a strong sense of fun and purpose are the hallmarks of a Bastion event.


Content CreationDSCF7847
From working with influencers and vloggers to creating newsletters and websites, Bastion has the contacts and experience to ensure your story is framed in the best possible light. Bastion has a team of videographers, photographers, ex journalists, copy writers and designers that can help create highly engaging content that entertains and motivates.