iPlayer on the move


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Mobile TV viewing takes another step forward with the news that iPhone and iPad users can now download programmes via BBC iPlayer to watch offline at a later date. The download service is being teed up for Android devices as well in the “near future”.

Programmes will be available for 30 days after download, and for seven days once you’ve started watching them. It’s welcome news for commuters, frequent flyers, and  it’s plenty long enough to take a stash away on holiday with you, as the BBC points out here. My immediate reaction is that I can download via wi-fi and once the programme(s) are safely stored I won’t have to worry about dodgy Internet connections or data charges abroad.

It’s quite difficult to remember the urgency that used to accompany must-see television. The idea that you might postpone an evening out in order to make sure you saw I Claudius seems archaic (well, it is archaic). How did we ever put up with it?

Christina Erskine is busy planning a viewing schedule for a week’s worth of tube journeys. Discuss your favourite mobile TV shows with her @cersk on Twitter.

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